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Dean: Fin-land Cheng

Phone: 886-8-770-3202 ext 7423、7600
Secretary: Wang Hui-Chuan 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 7601

Department of Child Care

The Department of Child Care was established in 1994. The mission statement of the Department at its establishment was to train professionals engaged in care services and research for children between 0-12 years of age. At the current time, the Department recruits students in its four-year system, with four classes in its daytime program and 4 class in its extension program. In 2002, the Department also established a master’s program in Child Care. 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 7300

Department of Recreational Sports and Health Promotion

The Department of Recreational Sports and Health Promotion was established in 2002, when it recruited students for its four-year technical program. Beginning in 2003, it began to recruit students for the four-year technical extension program. The master’s program began recruiting students in 2007. In 2009 it established a master’s program for professionals. Currently there are four academic systems, with over 400 students. 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 6496 

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was established in August 2000. Beginning in the 2000 academic year, the Department began recruiting a two-year daytime program. In 2003, a four-year technical program was recruited, while the two-year technical program was concluded. Beginning in the 2011 academic year, a master’s program was established to train professional and research personnel in the foreign languages. 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 7752

Department of Social Work

In recent years, welfare has developed rapidly in Taiwan, and there has been a rapid elevation in demand for social welfare service personnel. Social Worker Law was passed in 1997, and the profession of social work was incorporated in the technical certification system. In 2000, the University established a four-year program in the Department of Social Work, and in 2001 it added an extension division to cope with social trends and the demand for social welfare personnel. In 2006 the University added a graduate institute to train social work supervisors and research personnel. 
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Graduate Institute of Hakka Cultural Industries

The Department was established in 2006, and each year 14 students are admitted. The primary objective is to combine theory and practical sciences, and integrate the necessary personnel and resources for the Hakka industries in order to promote them. 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 7959

Center for General Education

The original name of this center is “General Subjects” and was established in August 1991. In August 1997 the University was reformed as a university of science and technology, and the “General Subjects” was renamed the “Humanities and Society Education Center.” In August 2000, the University established a college for humanities and social sciences, renamed to “Center for General Education.” The Center is responsible for planning and instruction of Chinese, civic education (the Constitution), and general education curriculum at the University. 
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Center for Teacher Training

Established in January 1996, and there is also an educational program for secondary school. The Center recruits students who are interested in teaching jobs from the departments (colleges) at the University, to train teachers in various subjects for secondary school. Graduate Institute of Technological and Vocational Education
The Institute was established in August 2001, providing opportunities for extension study to personnel who are interested in engaging in technological and vocational education as well as related fields, in order to train high-quality personnel in technological and vocational education. 
Phone:886-8-770-3202 ext 7642