Classrooms and Equipment

Summary Table of Classrooms and Equipment for Each Unit of the Humanities and Social Sciences Institute



Professional Equipment

Department of Child Care

Amphitheater (BS002)

Audio-visual PA unit (including speakers, amplifiers), single lens projector, portable projector, recorder, screen, projector

Nanny technical staff technical test site (BS101 103)

Conference tables and chairs, computers, basic teaching equipment × 10, bookcase × 4, fan × 1, children's tables and chairs, bath dolls, model dolls, choking baby CPR doll, topical medicine application doll, baby model, baby cardiopulmonary CPR model, disinfecting pot, curving desktop sets, crib with mat and drawer, upright piano, electric pearl screen, tooth models, cutlery rack, feeding seats, high chairs (doll), bath toys, baby bathtub, baby bed

Home care classroom (BS104)

Internship equipment partition, simulated family living environment and equipment (such as sofas, kitchen utensils, etc.), baby related supplies (clothes, bottle sterilizer, baby food mixer, etc.), fake baby dolls, crying baby dolls, child development treasure box, baby story books, play equipment 23 (maze, ambulance toy car set, etc.), children's books (baby's first series, magician and bilingual learning series, etc.)

Child observation classroom (BS105)

Tables and chairs, audio equipment (monitoring speakers, integrated amplifier, etc.), listening microphone, remote control, editing and editorial control group, 12 rail preamp mixer, 14 inch color monitor, four facet split compression machine, aft grade power amplifier, dual-card two-way recording seat, D8 digital video player, dual-band wireless microphone receiver, control room volume control, electric pearl screen, single lens LCD projector, PC, recorder, screen, CD player, slide projector

Health care classroom (BS106)

Conference tables and chairs, wireless microphones, video splitters, hand held microphone, projector, recorder, color monitor, CCD color cameras, televisions, Hg blood pressure monitor, sphygmomanometer, child first aid resuscitation model, fetal development process model set, human parasite eggs and adult parasite models, human anatomical wall charts set, clinical diagnostic hammer, student use sphygmomanometer, fully tooth development (3B), infant first aid training model CPR1. wall charts, subcutaneous fat measurement caliper, BBP-L, “my back hurts” wall charts, visual table × 1 (with eye cover, retractable Braille rod), children's food model set, thermometer, mercury sphygmomanometer, shadow puppet stage, physiological study flip charts, art class supplies, tuning fork, sphygmomanometer, carton sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, doctor's clinical equipment, electronic ear thermometer, subcutaneous fat measurement caliper, ophthalmoscope, uterus magnetic imaging diagram, breast self-examination chair, CPR doll, multimedia teaching computer, piano, slide projector

Teaching and nursing classroom (BS108)

Language activities teaching aids, dual cassette recorder player, projector, recorder, single lens LCD projector, stand up piano, teaching books, single lens LCD projector (including single lens projection equipment), children's language textbooks, children's workbooks(?), children's picture books, toddler literature teaching aids, computers, televisions, screen

Montessori & rhythm classroom (BS116)

Upright piano, 10 times magnification colored camera, dual cassette automatic rewinding cassette recording set, Montessori teaching aids, recorder, CD player, whiteboard

Teaching and nursing multifunctional professional resource room (BS202)

Children related development and assessment test scale, after-school nursery textbooks, early intervention treatment textbooks

Teaching and nursing interactive digital media creation classroom (BS204 5)

Computers, computer tables and chairs, electronic screen, single lens projector, PA system, integrated multimedia software

Department of Social Work

Volunteer community service resource room (IH223)

1000 type air conditioner, rechargeable teaching PA equipment, cassette type camera, multi-function video transcriber

Casework and consulting classroom (IH229)

Infrared cameras and suspended radio camera (3 units), split air-conditioning (3 units), wireless microphones units, MG124C mixer, hard disk DVD recorder (3 units), 22-inch LCD screen (3 units)

Education and Demonstration Center (IH521)

Digital multifunctional lectern (including computers), teaching photography system, dual-channel auto-selection receiver, wireless microphone receiver, electronic teaching broadcasting equipment, LCD projector, electric screens, projection screen, color TV, portable carry-on teaching CD-ROM drive, DVD Player, VCR, high efficiency speaker

Multimedia classrooms (IH522A)

Digital multifunctional lectern (including computers), teaching voice amplifying equipment, wireless network projector, electric pearl screen, DVD player, VCR, ladder-style tables and chairs, ceiling speakers

Seminar Room (IH522B)

Glass whiteboard, seminar tables and chairs

Social Survey Center (IH523)

Computers, laser printers, telephone interview system CAT12000, L-type table

Internship Resource Room (IH524)

Computers, color inkjet printer, lockers, digital surveillance systems

Computer Information Office (IH525)

Computers (several), projector, electric pearl screen, teaching amplifying equipment, computer teaching broadcasting main set, computer teaching broadcasting sub-set, high efficiency speakers, digital surveillance systems, solid wood cabinet

Group work classroom (IH526)

High-resolution camera (2), wireless microphone receiver, VCR, LCD projectors, electric screens, teaching amplifying equipment (amplifier, FM wireless microphone), ceiling speakers, barrier-free wooden slope floor

Department library (IH527)

Teaching PA equipment, LCD projectors, motorized screens, DVD audio and video player, recordable video players, high-efficiency speakers, seminar tables and chairs, wooden bookcase, related books and materials, wash basin and cabinet, digital surveillance systems

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Language classroom (IH304, IH306, IH307, IH308, IH309, IH310, IH311)

Computer, single lens projector, motorized screen, DVD recorder, classroom amplification equipment, teacher computer, students sound recording player

English self-study area (IH312~IH315)

Computer, screen, manual screen, single lens, server, main Hub, E-lectern, language learning software

Graduate Degree Research room (IH463)

Computers, printers, main Hub

Resource Centre (IH501)

Computer, screen, microphone, whiteboard, headphones, tables and chairs, audio system

Computer Information Room (IH503)

Computers, printers, main Hub

Multimedia assisted classroom (IH511)

Computer, screen, microphone, whiteboard, headphones, tables and chairs, air conditioners, fans, audio system

Oral interpreting classroom (IH512)

Microphone, whiteboard, air conditioners, fans, tables and chairs, audio system

Leisure and Sport Health Department

Sports health management classroom

Tables and chairs, basic teaching equipment, sports science EMG evaluation system, activity analysis marking system, sensory integration teaching aids, Movement ABC action assessment unit, electric treadmill, multi-functional weight training stations, adjustable sit-up set, isomers balancers, blood pressure gauge, bioelectrical resistance scale, sports heartbeat monitor watch

Health and fitness promotion classroom

Tables and chairs, basic teaching equipment, epidermal fat calipers, hand-eye-feet reaction tester, notebook computer, separation-capable letter sending main machine, body composition analyzer, physical fitness testing equipment, fitness aids

Theme leisure and recreation classroom

High and low rope course equipment (safety harness, helmets, rescue package), orientation exercise equipment, camp activities equipment, classroom office equipment (whiteboard, computer, air conditioner, tables and chairs), portable audio system, camera

Sport and Health classroom

Wax therapy machine, shortwave therapy unit, PNF inertial exercise training machine, dental chair, taping bed, treatment bed, high-potential electrical stimulator, transcutaneous nerve stimulation machine TENS, rehabilitation use dumbbells (with dumbbell rack), ankle training board, laser, hot pack boxes

Tour guide leader license auxiliary test classroom

Tables and chairs, basic teaching equipment, whiteboard, computer, electric screen, leader guide license simulation exam system

Outdoor adventure experience field

One giant's ladder, 5-in-one obstacle course, high-altitude single-plank bridge, one foot dual cable, teaching aids, including dynamic rope 
Low-altitude facilities: whale-watching boats, island warfare, spider webs, low-elevation single-plank bridge, trust-falling, mountain overpass, high walls, cannon holes pass-through 
High-altitude facilities: Vine Road, high-altitude pool, ambush suspension bridge, centipede pillars, cross cable, giant's swing

Technical and Vocational Education Institute / Center for Teacher's Development

Regular classrooms (IH221)

Desks and chairs for 55 people, electronic lectern, single lens projector

Multimedia computer classroom (IH222)

50 computers, 50 online editions of the SPSS statistical software, multimedia production software, microphones, single lens projector, micro-observation teaching photography set

Video conferencing classroom (IH303A)

Conference tables and chairs set, video conferencing equipment set, electronic whiteboard, single lens projector, screen

Disadvantaged groups' human empowerment counseling rooms, Micro-observation classroom, observation laboratory (IH401)

Single lens projector, screen, children's desks and chairs, electric piano, education cabinet, Montessori teaching set, whiteboards, wooden floors, TV, VCR, new immigrant families, books on issues related to the indigenous people, the elderly, and children, human empowerment, counseling video equipment, etc., all kinds of children's teaching materials, sensory integration aids, rhythm music instruments, 2 hand held electronic keyboards

Seminar Room 2 (IH403)

Air-conditioning, whiteboard, screen, single-lens projector, long conference tables and chairs

Knowledge management and digital learning laboratory, multimedia production laboratory (IH407)

Computers, multimedia software packages, single lens projector, electric screen, printer, scanner, Endnote, Atlas, Vivo and other educational software, statistical software packages

Human Resources and Management laboratory (IH409)

Human resource management books, Logical Decision, DEA-Solver, long conference tables and chairs, computer, single lens projector, electric whiteboard

Occupational and Organizational Psychology Laboratory (IH458A)

Picture books, career development and vocational aptitude test paper, long conference table and conference chairs, wooden bookcase, organizing cabinet, TV, CD Recorder Player

Test Exam assessment and material development laboratory (IH460)

Computer, professional education testing and assessment questionnaire, printer, computer tables and chairs

Institute of Hakka Cultural Industry

Hakka language teaching centers (IH231)

Teacher's computers, students' audio-visual equipment, E-lectern

Humanities GIS classroom (IH232)

Computer, scanner, screen, notebook computers, projectors, E-lecture table